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Synergy Lark

Synergy Marine are the official builder of the Lark Class and can supply blank and fully fitted Larks.

Synergy Marine
17C Seven Acres Business Park
Newbourne Road
IP12 4PS

Tel: +44 (0) 1473 736293

Video Tour of the Synergy Lark

Boats can be supplied to different specifications from a bare hull ready to fit out to a ready to race championship winning specification or can be fitted out to a customers own specification. All our boats are finished to the highest standard to ensure a boat that is both efficient on the race course and doesn’t fall apart.

The Lark has always been about high quality-low cost dinghy racing. This is the reason that during the years when the class was a favourite for team racing many graduates fresh from University continued sailing Larks as they started their careers. With this in mind we are offering a DIY package to greatly reduce the cost of buying a new Synergy Lark. Using our new fit-out manual we will provide a full kit of parts, fastenings, sealant and the basic tools to complete the job yourself to our championship winning specification.

Synergy’s Simon Cox has sailed and been involved with the Lark Class since the late 80’s and has fitted out and repaired more Larks than he can remember over the last 20 years. In recent times he has completed the fit out of a number of Ovington Larks and many Rondar Lark’s. In 2010 Synergy Marine completed the fit-out of two former Lark National Champions, Alan Krailing (2006/2009/2011) and Harry Pynn (2010), new boats.

Watch the Synergy Lark Tour at the Musto 2023 National Championships at Brixham

Why sail Lark Class?

The Lark is a three sailed, hiking sailing dinghy with symmetrical spinnaker – ideal for inland, restricted water ways and rivers but also great on the open sea. With a One Design hull, mast and boom and the freedom to fit out a boat how you want the Lark provides lots of options. The class is technical without being complicated and is easy to set up and tune for racing.

Save money by fitting out a bare hull yourself or build your own rudder. Cost of ownership of a Lark, new or secondhand, is remarkably low.

The class has always had open sailmakers you can choose your prefered sailmaker – which helps keep costs under control but also ensures that sails can be developed to suit different weights of sailors.

Competition in the Lark class has always been high. Some of Britain’s greatest amateur dinghy racing talent raced and won in the Lark class including Mark Rushall, Tim Fells, Ian Southworth, Sarah Richards and plenty of others who pushed them all the way. The class continues to attract talent from a multitude of classes to race against the top Lark sailors.

The days of the Lark being a poorly built, university and student boat are long gone. But even now, as a family friendly boat, both on and off the water, the Lark socials scene remains legendary. The class prides itself for achieving a great balance of high quality racing and off the water fun.

On the water the boat rewards good boat handling and working hard. The Lark is exciting but manageable to sail. More importantly unlike some other classes the crew isn’t just there for the ride but is a key to getting the best from the boat – some might say even the most important part of the boat!

The Lark Class maintains an active class association which organises training, open meetings and a National Championship each year.