Lark Nationals 2021 - Final Report

03rd June

LARK Nationals Day 4
The final day of the MUSTO sponsored LARK Nationals at Rock dawned to grey skies, some rain and a forecast of possible thunderstorms. Though they didn’t materialise, they would probably have been a better option than the challenging conditions the fleet had to endure, with the... more

Lark nationals entries

21st May

The 2021 Lark Nationals at Rock is fast approaching.
See the entry list below to see who's coming.

... more

South Staffs Open to be rescheduled

22nd February

No surprises there - we are looking at Autumn dates.... more

Harry & Gemma win the Belle Isle Travellers series

30th November

Harry & Gemma have won the 2020 Lark Travellers series!

In a year of cancelled events, they managed to hunt down those allowed to happen, showing their versatility by winning a pre-Covid Northampton, and post-lockdown Salcombe and Frensham Opens. As the name ‘Travellers’ Trophy’ suggests, they ha... more

© Rebecca Videlo

Beating the Covid blues at Frensham Lark Open

12th October

Larks at Frensham Pond
The Larks kicked off their season unusually late this year, hosted by Frensham Pond SC on 11th October.

The Larks reached their Covid 19 entry quota of 14 boats in record time and those lucky enough to get a place were rewarded with a fantastic day of racing in beautiful s... more

Lark Nationals 2020 cancelled (again)

28th September

It is with regret that RWSC have announced the combined Lark Nationals and Final Fling events have been cancelled because:
- they couldn't be sure of maintaining competitor and volunteer safety, due to the difficulty of social distancing of potentially 200 sailors and 100 volunteers across the com... more


Date Event
26 Jun to 26 Jun Open meeting-Travellers Series Banbury Sailing Club
3 Jul to 4 Jul Open meeting-Travellers Series Lymington
1 Aug to 6 Aug Open meeting-Travellers Series Salcombe YC
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