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New 2024 Class Rules

We are pleased to say the rules have now been published. You do not need to do anything different from currently unless you wish to have a longer spinnaker pole. 

There are links to the documents at the end but the key changes are:

  1. An overall limit on the projection of the spinnaker guy from the mast when in use (so that we now measure single and twin-pole systems consistently) of 1821mm [F5.5(b)]
  2. On single-pole systems, an increase in the maximum overall length of the spinnaker pole from 1525mm to 1829mm [F5.5(a)].
  3. Removal of a maximum size for the Spinnaker pole fitting. However, to comply with the maximum projection rule, if the D-ring on a mast projects more than the typical 32mm, the pole will need to be correspondingly less than 1829mm overall
  4. Jibs with a roach or ‘fat’ head are specifically allowed. This corrects an anomaly in the 2016 rules (when re-written in World Sailing format), which appeared to disallow them. All known existing jib designs are compliant, but please check with your sailmaker before buying a new one.
  1. Other changes to align the rules with current practice:
    – Synergy can now own the hull mould (LCOA will own the plug)
    – Requirement for an annual buoyancy test by a Measurer dropped (but self-testing is strongly encouraged)
    – The requirement to have a hard copy certificate is removed
    – Correctors – photograph evidence to be used rather than marking of lead


The latest rules can be downloaded here

An annotated version of the main changes can be downloaded here

A full audit trail version of all the wording changes can be downloaded here

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Nigel Hufton & Chris White