2018 Lark Nationals at Sidmouth Day 2

Harry Pynn - 22nd August 2018

For day two of the Lark Nationals gusts of 25mph were forecasted. Once launched it was apparent that the wind was less than forecasted.

Race 3 – The wind started with a force 4. Chris & Nic White managed to take the early lead, with Dave Young and Mya Peterson close behind. With big shifts during the race, the race officer had a challenge to keep the course aligned. One the second triangle the Whites did not realise how high the wing mark was, meaning Hufton & Wood took the lead and finished first with the Whites in Second and Young/Peterson in third.

Race 4 – Hufton & Wood shot out the blocks and rounded mark one first. Goss & Czartolomna rounded with the Whites, who just managed to pull out to leeward of Goss/Czartolomna. On the first reach a big squall came through, which only Hufton/Wood & the Whites caught. Both boats screamed away from the rest of the fleet. On the second beat the Whites managed to get through and took the win with Hufton & Wood finishing in second. Goss & Czartolomna held the rest of the fleet to take third.

Race 5 – The sides of the course had been favouring all day. Young & Peterson made a perfect start and capitalised on the left side of the beat. The Whites rounded second with Goss & Czartolomna close behind. On the final run the wind shut off, Young & Peterson kept their cool until the pressure came back to take the win. The Whites finished in second and Goss & Czartolomna in third.

Overall after day 2 the White’s lead with Hufton/Wood close behind. The Scott’s and Goss/ Czartolomna are drawing on points behind.

1st Chris White Nicola White 6.0
2nd Nigel Hufton Matt Wood 9.0
3rd Dougal Scott Helen Scott 13.0
4th James Goss Kamila Czartolomna 13.0
5th Simon Cox Anna Nankervis 20.0

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