Final Race concludes top four at South Staffs GJW

Stuart Hydon - 04th April 2017

The annual pilgrimage to South Staffs witnessed great conditions for this great two day event. The open always sets a challenge with the local fickle conditions, but this year has seen the planting of two wind turbines, so what added dimension were these to play?

Race 1 saw Stuart Hydon / Jane Scott Davies take an early lead with Ed Bradburn / Holly Evans chasing at a reasonable distance. On the second beat it was James Goss /Kamila Czartolomna who took an enormous right hand shift, which plonked them firmly in the lead never to seen again. Chris White/Nic Booth managed to squeeze out Hydon /Scott Davies to take 2nd.

Race 2 began with Bradburn / Evans establish a lead after a little tussle to get through the pack. Hydon/Scot Davies held on for an eventual second.

Race 3 saw Bradburn / Evans and Goss/Czartolomna battle for first after yet another “Goss special” that elevated them to the front. Hydon and Scott-Davies managed to pull back Goss/Czartolomna to take second.

Into the evening Badburn/Evans were happy with their comfortable start to the day. The “house band” provided the entertainment for the evening, which packed out the sailing club.

The forecast for Sunday was not looking good however the actual conditions were very different. Not taking anything to chance the race Officer wisely decided to have two races in the morning back to back. Race 4 saw Hydon/Scott –Davies establish a comfortable lead only to throw this away by rounding the penultimate mark the incorrect way. This let White/Booth to take the race.

At the start of race 5 most competitors headed towards the pin end. After the start the wind swung around giving all those on the right an early Easter present. Making the most of this was Sam Bailey and Ant Hatfield who disappeared into the distance. During the final stages of the race Ross Kearny and Laura Burch managed to claim the top spot.

Into the final race and 4 could win it. Hydon/Scott-Davies led the race but were unable to control the top spot. Goss/ Czartolomna came through which was still good enough for Hydon/Scott Davies, had it not have been for White/Booth pushing them to third. Fortunately for Hydon/Scott Davies White/Booth elbowed their way through to win the race which gave them 2nd overall behind Hydon/Scott-Davies.

Thanks go to South Staffs SC for putting a great event with both great race management as well as a full social programme.

Overall Results

Rank SailNo HelmName CrewName Club R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Net
1st 2495 Stuart Hydon Jane Scott-Davies Shustoke Sailing Club 3 2 2 2 -4 3 12
2nd 2533 Chris White Nic Booth South Staffs SC 2 5 4 1 -7 1 13
3rd 2261 James Goss Kamila Czartolomna South Staffs SC 1 4 3 3 -12 2 13
4th 2526 Ed Bradburn Holly Evans South Staffs SC 4 1 1 -5 5 5 16
5th 2525 John Billington Sue Billington South Staffs SC 6 3 5 4 3 9 21
6th 2468 Sam Bailey Ant Hatfield South Staffs SC -8 8 6 6 2 8 30
7th 2538 Nigel Hufton Matt Wood Frensham Pond SC 5 6 9 7 -11 7 34
8th 2517 Stuart Norris Louise Norris 7 7 8 10 6 -12 38
9th 2529 Will Croxford M Peterson South Staffs SC 10 -11 7 8 9 6 40
10th 2501 Ross Kearney Laura Burch South Staffs SC (17DNC) 17DNC 17DNC 9 1 4 48
11th 2532 Tony Hotkiss V Ford South Staffs SC 11 10 (15DNS) 12 8 11 52
12th 2499 Neil Goodhead Clare Waymont South Staffs SC (15DNS) 12 10 11 10 10 53
13th 2522 Ben Biglin Ann Biglin Shustoke Sailing Club 9 9 11 (17DNC) 17DNC 17DNC 63
14th 2493 Roy Alexander Chole Dawson South Staffs SC 12 13 12 13 -14 13 63
15th 2524 Mike Owen Lawrence Hartness South Staffs SC (15DNF) 14 13 14 13 14 68