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Exciting Nationals Discounts for Active Lark Clubs

Charlie Roome - 05th June 2016

The Lark Class are pleased to announce that in their continued efforts to support key Lark fleets around the UK, they are now offering entry discounts to members of clubs with multiple boats travelling to the 4 day nationals in Lyme Regis this summer (20th-23rd August).

Details are as follows*:

Standard Entry Price: £185
Entry Fee per boat for 3 boats from the same club**: £165
Entry Fee per boat for 5 boats from the same club**: £150

Yes, that means if youíve got 2 boats entered from your club, find a third boat, and:
They pay the discounted entry fee of £165
The association will send you and the other member already entered, £20 back!

What a great incentive to ask around your club to get those people who have been thinking of coming to enter, and get yourself some beer/petrol money in the process!

As at the time of writing, 4 clubs are only 1 boat away from getting their entry fee reducedÖ

So donít delay, get your entry in now, book your accommodation, and remember itís only 2 days of holiday for 4 great days of sailing at one of the UKís best venues.

* Until early entry deadline of 30th June 2016
** Helm must be a member of the club in question as of 1st June 2016

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