Frensham 5 Final Report

Matt Wood - 01st March 2005

Race 7. Most when they turned up for the last two races werenít expecting the cold 20 knot plus cold North Easterly. However, off we went with some leaving the jetty too late for the start, as a result of asking themselves, shall we or shanít we go sailing. Canít blame them, given that it was snowing, on and off. Phil Whitney and Alex Young roared off the start followed by Chris Ellis and Kathryn Young. Chris then overtook Phil and started to pull away to win, giving him the series with five wins. Phil went on to finish with a strong second with Bob Larder and Ollie Impey finishing third, with others retiring because of either gear failure or capsizing.

Race 8. Although the wind eased a little for the last race the sailing was so great most went out again. Phil and Alex again led away keen to clinch second overall, from Chris and Kathryn, with Steve Chatten and Helen Barry close astern alongside Bob Larder and Ollie Impey. Half way round the first lap Phil missed a mark which handed the lead to Chris for the rest of the race. Phil then joined Steve and Bob for a neck and neck race for two laps. Then on the long run nearing the leeward mark fighting for position, all three were hit by a gust with spinnakers flying. Phil and Steve went for a swim. Bob managed to hold on, which put him in second place. Phil unfortunately had to retire because of pole trouble. Steve then got back into gear to have a close fight to the finish, with Bob. Half a boat length gave second place to Bob who is definitely going faster.

This now takes us onto the overall results for this popular mini series:
The first six were:
1st: Chris Ellis & Kathryn Young (5pts)
2nd: Nigel Hufton & Chris Whitehouse (11pts)
3rd: Phil Whitney & Alex Young (12pts)
4th: Bob Larder & Ollie Impey (14pts)
5th: Matt Wood & Sam Atkinson (20pts)
6th: Steve Chatten & Helen Barry (33pts)