Helly Hansen Great 8 Round 3 at Lyme Regis Preview

Harry Pynn - 04th June 2015

It's Great 8 time again. This weekend sees the larks return to Lyme Regis which was raved about last year. We're sharing with the Merlin Rockets and Albacores. 3 races on Saturday, first start at 12:30, 2 races on Sunday, first start at 10:35.

Parking is always a bit of a problem at Lyme - there is a car park about 100 yards away from the club to the West, for about 8 per day. It tends to fill up very quickly on a Summer's day. But there is also a bigger, cheaper car park at the top of the hill behind the club -its disadvantage is that it is about 150 feet vertically above the club but it is a lot cheaper!

Trailers will be stored on the beachhead a few yards from the harbour. You will be able to drop your boats off at the Cobb (harbour) - ideally leaving your sailing gear with the boat and then go off and park your car.

Further details including Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions and Entry Form are all on the Lyme Regis SC Website.