Frensham 5 races 4 and 5

Matt Wood - 15th February 2005

Race 4. With a 25 knot wind blowing from the North, resulting in some strong gusts, old sails were the name of the day, as was trying to keep upright. At the windward start there was a second gun and Chris Ellis thought it was him over and went back; in fact it was Nigel Hufton just getting to the line. This meant that Nigel and Chris Whitehouse led at the weather mark from Phil Whitney and Alex Young with Chris and Kathryn Young leading the others. Towards the end of the first round Nigel decided he liked spinnaker reaching and forgot about the leeward mark. Phil then led before being overtaken by Chris up the next beat. These positions were kept to the finish, even though Chris decided to ‘anchor for tea’ at buoy three; with less spinnaker work/risk taking as the race progressed. With Nigel retiring Matt Wood and Sam Atkinson’s persistence paid off with a third.

Race 5. Eventually everyone got themselves out of the clubhouse for the next race. No change on the wind front which meant capsizing before the start was more likely than not. Chris Ellis and Kathryn Young led Nigel Hufton and Chris Whitehouse round the weather mark. They stayed together for a while then Chris decided to go swimming on a gust rounding the leeward mark. Phil Whitney’s jib came down during the race; he commented afterwards ‘lucky I had a forestay’, he still finished! Nigel then led to the finish and was followed by Steve Chatten and Helen with a second and Bob Larder and Ollie Impey third. Everyone agreed that getting to grips with what the helm/crew was likely to do in a blow was the learning point for the day.

This has now opened the event up with Chris and Kathryn with three wins and Nigel and Chris with two. Three to play, why not come and join us.