Close Racing in Frensham 5 - Races 1 to 3

Nigel Scott - 13th February 2005

Frensham Five

With a changed format this year, five races out of eight to count only the keen will get in the prizes. The Frensham Five was conceived to be an early spring warm up, shrugging off the winter by getting everyone up and running for the new season, and Frensham is the ideal place to check your boat speed and improve your technique on all the points of sailing.

Race 1. In a light North North Westerly the starting line was hotly contested. Matt Wood and Sam Atkinson and Chris Ellis and Kathryn Young were caught over the line and had to return; leaving Nigel Hufton and Chris Whitehouse leading the way followed by Phil and Linda Whitney. There were few further place changes excepting that Chris and Kathryn managed to gradually work back through the fleet to overtake all but Nigel until the last round when Chris just managed to creep to weather of Nigel on the last reach to lead to the finish with Phil third.

Race 2. With a course change, all lined up for a windward start. Chris and Kathryn managed to get to the weather mark well ahead of the others and continued to pull away to win by nine minutes. Phil and Linda led the rest of the fleet round with Nigel and Chris hot on their tail, until the first run when Nigel and Chris overtook Phil. Nigel later retired leaving Phil to finish second and Matt and Sam came through to finish third, having overtaken Bob Larder and Ollie Impey towards the end.

Race 3. A reaching start saw most arrive on the line too early so boat speed was lost while waiting for the gun. Nigel Hufton and Chris Whitehouse led Chris Ellis and Kathryn Young round the leeward mark followed by Steve Chatten and Sandy Lavelle and Pat Jones. Chris had overtaken Nigel before the weather mark, however, dropped time at the mark while dancing with an RS 200! On the run Nigel found more wind having gybed first so just got inside Chris on rounding the next mark with Phil and Linda Whitney close behind. After the next beat Nigel pulled away to win the race comfortably after another two laps with Chris second and Phil third. Steve Chatten was a well deserved fourth.

There are still enough races remaining for any late entries to qualify, and anyone else wishing to take part is always welcome. So if you are staring out the window dreaming of going sailing again then get yourself down to Frensham and get some early season practice in.