Shustoke GJW Direct Belle Isle Report

Stuart Hydon - 14th October 2013

Very moist and shifty winds met the lark fleet at Shustoke, which was in great contrast to the previous weekend’s outing at Hayling.
The fleet struggled to get on the water on time for the first race owing to a very heavy night the night before. Whilst the OOD was keen to start the race, the competitors all hung back to wait for the late comers. Race one eventually started with Pete Gray and Rachel Rhodes leading the pack in their Ebay bargain of a boat. Second round was “Southern Fairy” being sailed by Adrian and Callum Padro. Down the second leg Stuart and Nick Hydon managed to take water from the Padro’s. A battle then ensued for the lead. Gray/Rhodes lost the lead when the Hydon’s dropped their kite early which left Gray/Rhodes struggling to make the mark during a particularly challenging leg close to the windward bank! Onto the run Nick managed to pull out some distance to provide enough safety to the finish.
Race two started with the Hydon’s pulling out a good lead with Gray/Rhodes second. Halfway through the race Jonathan Woodward and Jane Alexander managed to squeeze past Gary and Rhodes. Woodward and Alexander managed to take second by cross covering Gray/Rhodes up the final beat.
With the competition sewn up for the Hydon’s there was still second to play for. After the start the Hydon’s opened up a strong lead followed by Stuart and Rory Bush (perhaps a local convert to the fleet?). Gray/Rhodes were eventually able to secure a second position as Woodward/Alexander couldn’t pass Chris and Ann Biglin.
Thanks go to Shustoke for hosting this rearranged date and managing to put out 7 home boats.

1st Stuart and Nick Hydon Shustoke SC
2nd Pete Gray and Rachel Rhodes Staunton Harold SC
3rd Jonathan Woodward and Jane Alexander Blithfield / South Staffs SC
4th Chris and Ann Biglin Shustoke SC
5th Cole and Darren Briscoe Shustoke SC
6th Stuart and Rory Bush Shustoke SC
7th Kevin Rose and Peter Smith Shustoke SC
8th Adrian and Callum Padro Shustoke SC
9th Darren Padro and Chloe Broad Shustoke SC