Larks at Waldringfield Cartoon

Harry Pynn - 10th September 2013

When Mike Peyton, the world's greatest nautical cartoonist said "The secret to cartoons is you always need something going wrong" he may well have been describing the conditions faced by Waldringfield's lark sailors during the 2013 Cartoon trophy weekend. Peyton's finest work is awarded to the winner of the event, this year won by Harry Pynn and Gemma Cook who were pushed all the way by Spunge Nunn and Clare Gosling.
Saturday's three races were held in breezy and shifty conditions. Sunday was a bit lighter but even more shifty from the same southwesterly direction.
Geoff Mayhew and Ollie Jones led the fleet overnight scoring 2, 2, 3, much to son Jamie's astonishment. Chris Fish and Annie Turner sailed 2 and won 2, but that wasn't enough for Peyton's work to adorn Chris's downstairs bathroom as Chris had "more important" (is this possible?) things to do on Sunday.
Tom Branton crewed by Clare & Faye Gosling, sporting their new laminate mainsail were sailing consistently fast upwind and finished 4th overall.
Geoff Sinton crewed by Annie Turner, returned to the fleet proving what bargains there are to be had on ebay as they showed promise with good boatspeed and consistently challenged Patrick and Gus Cooney for the lead in race 4. Alastair McHardy and Kay Maddox rounded off their weekend with a solid final race.
Harry Pynn and Gemma Cook won the first race, then struggled on a breezy Saturday afternoon, but posted 3, 1, 2 on Sunday which was just enough to beat Spunge Nunn and Clare Gosling overall. Spunge and Clare had won race 4 on Sunday by a country mile, then led the final race before a stray Squib pushed them out into the tide, allowing Fiona Gray and Aaron Woolf and Harry and Gemma to slip through to leeward. A short squall on the final lap, was too little too late, as Harry and Gemma held on to second behind Fiona and Aaron.