Hydons prosper at Frensham - GJW Direct Belle Isle

Stuart Hydon - 25th April 2013

Once again sunshine welcomed the 2013 Frensham Lark Open meeting which followed the youth championship the previous day.

Race open began in light force 2/3 air with Stuart and Nick Hydon going for the middle of the lake with Nigel Hufton /Will Kennedy breaking off to the right hand side to be joined with another local Chris Ellis/ Judith Young. The Hydons managed to secure first place around the windward mark followed by Ellis/Young and then Hufton/Kennedy. By the second beat the Hydons had begun to pull out a lead although this was nearly lost when Stuartís toe strap broke causing an early bath!. Hufton/Kennedy maintained the pressure with a changing of place although it was the Hydons that eventually took first place. The battle for third was still tight with Phil Whitney /Lynda Williams challenging, but not quite beating Ellis/Young.

The second race began with the Hydonís opening up a huge lead up the first beat with Ben Shorrock and George Bridge rounding second. Hufton/Kennedy struggled from mid pack to climb to second as Shorrock/Bridge pushed them all the way. The Hydons took the gun with Hufton/Kennedy second followed by Whitney/Williams who capitalised when Shorrock/Bridge narrowly avoided a capsize.

Race 3 began with a tightly packed bunch that maintained its compactness throughout. Hufton/Kennedy were looking favourite but Whitney/Williams dropped low on the penultimate run taking the lead. Huton tacked out leaving Whitney/Williams to try the left hand side. With half the beat to go Hufton/Kennedy had taken the lead. Ellis/Young joined the battle for second crossing tacks with Whitney/Williams. On the line it was Hufton/Kennedy followed by Ellis/Young leaving Whitney/Williams third.
Thanks go to Frensham Pond SC for putting on a great event.


Position Fleet Class SailNo Helm Crew Club R1 R2 R3 Nett
1st Lark Lark 2495 Stuart Hydon Nick Hydon Shustoke 1 1 (10 DNC) 2
2nd Lark Lark 2470 Nigel Hufton Will Kennedy FPSC (2) 2 1 3
3rd Lark Lark 2530 Chris Ellis Judith Young FPSC 3 (7) 2 5
4th Lark Lark 12 Phil Witney Lynda Williams FPSC (4) 3 3 6
5th Lark Lark 2339 Ben Shorrock George Bridge FPSC (5) 4 4 8
6th Lark Lark 2459 Nigel Denchfield Fiona Stewartby (6) 5 5 10
7th Lark Lark 2487 Kian Andrews Mark Chadwick Penzance SC 7 6 (8) 13
8th Lark Lark 2469 Laura Mitchell Eli Ebel-Childs PZSC (8) 8 6 14
9th Lark Lark 2510 Mike Williams Imogen Penzance SC (9) 9 7 16