Mitchell/Falcon win Frensham Frenzy

Karen Falcon - 24th March 2013

On Sunday 10th March the Frensham Frenzy lived up to its reputation for providing two great pursuit races and a tasty tea after sailing. The weather was cold and both races were held in a steady 12 knots gusting 18. The race saw a variety of slow handicap boats on the start line and a great course was set by race officer, Keith Videlo. The first race saw a battle during the first lap between Pete Mitchell and Karen Falcon, Chris Ellis and Judith Young, James Ward and Katie Cumming and Phil Whitney and Lynda Williams. Mitchell/Falcon managed to break away and left Ellis/Young and Ward/Cumming in a dual which saw Ward/Cumming victorious. During this time Mitchell/Falcon broke away and sailed a good race to get into the lead and win the race.

Race two was sailed in more erratic wind conditions with shiftier gusts and a greater difference between the mean wind and the shifts. The lark start saw all boats on the line and good acceleration. A dual was established between Mitchell/Falcon and Ward/Cumming which broke up during the second lap when Mitchell/Falcon managed to get past a laser on the beat and Ward/Cumming got stuck behind it on a reach. Mitchell/Falcon broke away and moved through the fleet to lead the race. They were overtaken in the final couple of minutes of the race by an icon but won the Frensham Frenzy with a 1st and 2nd.

Frensham Pond Sailing Club hosted an excellent day of racing with friendliness exuding from the club.