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Waldringfield Easter Egg Trophy Preview

David Marlow - 18th April 2011

Without even touching on theology there are many things about Easter that I donít understand. Why does a rabbit deliver eggs?? Why is there always a high tide at midday?? and why does anybody sail anywhere other than Waldringfield??

As a venue, this oasis of waterborne delight leaves little to be desired. I wonít regale you with stories of a well-spent youth playing around on the Alde, Deben and Orwell, but it is an incontrovertible truth that East Coast estuary sailing is by far the best format that this sport we all enjoy has to offer. When you head to a small inland lake you get the vagaries of the shifts and bands of pressure. When you travel to the coast you get the sea breeze and the buoyancy provided by salt water. When you go to the large open reservoirs you are greeted with long planing reaches. On what to the untrained eye looks like a muddy river near Ipswich you can have all this and more! What is more you can have it all in one day and are guaranteed each and every aspect over the course of the Easter weekend.

The other things you are guaranteed at the veritable festival of sail that marks the passing of the winter and the arrival of summer are bizarrely complicated courses that even the race officers donít understand, some of the best ale that Suffolk has to offer and a welcoming and friendly atmosphere that you would have to travel a long way to better.

Before you start thinking that this is the perfect event, I do have to add three warnings. Firstly, as a visitor you would be well advised to bring your own Easter eggs as the locals (particularly the Larks who count at least seven current and former Lark champions among them) donít often let you into the prizes. Secondly I should urge you to remember that you will get very cold if you have your third pint whilst still in your wetsuit outside the Maybush. Thirdly and possibly my most serious word of warning is that once you have sailed on the East Coast nowhere else will ever be quite as good!

Details are as follows:

Good Friday
Lark training will be run by Chris Fish. Briefing 13:15, high water 16:01.
Meal in clubhouse 6pm £7.50 followed by Fran Gifford talking about her big adventure sailing around Britain in a Wayfarer at 7pm. Contact Andrew Nunn ([email protected]) to confirm attendance.

3 races from 11:30, high water 16:47.
Bar, food and film in the clubhouse - please contact Geoff Mayhew ([email protected]) if you wish to attend.

3 races from 12:00, high water 17:36.

By kind agreement with Waldringfield Boatyard visitors may leave their boats in the boatyard on Saturday night to avoid pulling them up to the carpark.

Please also note that this is not part of the Belle Isle Travellers series because we shall be returning here later in the year.