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Frensham Preview

David Marlow - 27th March 2011

Those of you who went to South Staffs and Shustoke may have noticed a few minor distortions of the truth in my previous preview. I admit that the bit about the velvet curtains was a bit of an exaggeration, but I doubt any of you can claim not to have had a cracking weekend. Strangely despite my slight lack of veracity I have been asked to fill the breach, and the column once more.

This time you will be glad to know I have been to the venue and even remember what it is like! Many of my first memories are from this idyllic lake on the Surrey/Hampshire border. My first season in a Cadet (thanks Philippa), my first unrequited love (thanks Marie), my first sail in a Rondar Lark (thanks Mark), my first meeting with Stuart Hydon (thanks protest committee) and my first Lark Open Meeting win (nope, now I think about it, that was the one that Harry won without me…..).

What this tells you is that Frensham is a place of wonder and delight to open the eyes and the mind of any young sailor. It also tests the patience and tenacity of even the oldest of sea-dogs. If you take a small lake (it is the only sailing venue I know that is actually called a Pond), place it far enough inland to have no hope of a thermal breeze and then surround it with trees you have a racetrack that tests, probes and delivers delight and rage in equal measures. One thing is certain, it is never boring.

However, I love this puddle and count it among my favourite places to race. You can launch without getting your feet wet, the racing is never over until the final bell and the afternoon tea is a veritable feast. These things alone make up for the short legs and the random wind directions.

I hope you all have another amazing day’s racing,

P.S. Entry for the open will be £10 with the first of three races starting at 11:00. Lunch will be available, and a free tea will be provided after racing!

For more info visit the club website; Frensham Pond SC. Or, ring Chris Ellis on 01256 703402.