Barnt Green Report

Stuart Hydon - 24th May 2010

With a forecast of 3 knot winds, baking hot sunshine and no chance of a sea breeze this open was bound to test the skills Rob Lennox the race officer for the day. Fortunately, the breeze was more than forecast although there were some significant shifts throughout the day.

The first race saw a battle emerge between John and Sue Billington and Stuart and Becca Hydon. Whilst content to leave Adrian Padro and Hannah Hydon to their own devices this was later to prove a dangerous tactic as Padro pulled through from third to first by taking the opposite tack. Billington nearly regained the lead but infringed Padro at a leeward mark rounding. After a 720 this put billington back to third. Hydon later took Padro to win race one.

Race two began and it was Hydon that nudged ahead from the committee boat end. By the second leg Hydon had extended his lead as the rest of the fleet parked up with no wind. Hydon went on to win with Billington second and Padro third.

The final race saw the Hydons sitting it out, but leaving fellow club members Kevin Rose and Gemma Glasspole to reach the windward mark first. Second round was Dave Lynch and Nic Hydon. The lead was short lived as the Billington’s and Chris and Ann Biglin pulled past. Billington soon establish a good lead only to nearly lose it near the end of the race when Biglin and Stuart and Charlotte Norris came storming up from behind. The race was to finish, Billington, Biglin and Norris.

The final race was a single handed race, which was typically won by Bob Suggitt who seems to have mastered this event over the years. Self steering gadgets were spotted on the Padro boat to enable kite hoisting without broaching. A clever device which looked remarkably similar to the elastic used to hold his number board on!. The race was led from start to finish by Hydon.

The overall Results were:

1 2503 Stuart and Becca Hydon Shustoke
2 2499 John and Sue Billington South Staffs
3 2515 Adrian Padro and Hannah Hydon Shustoke
4 2501 Chris and Ann Biglin Shustoke