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Frensham Pond Lark Open Meeting 11th April 2010

Harry Pynn - 13th April 2010

The Lark circus descended on Frensham Pond for round 4 of the 2010 Belle Isle series. Frensham, notorious for its tricky conditions delivered some fantastic sailing in a fresh north easterly wind.

Harry Pynn and Ian Videlo sailing in the brand new Ovington Lark 'Rollergirl' took the open by winning all three races, but the results sheet does not reflect the closeness of the racing. Andy and Ben Shorrock built a big lead in race 1, only for Pynn and Videlo to catch them courtesy of a gust on the run. In race 2, Steve Hall and Simon Haighton lead from Nigel Hufton and Matt Shorrock. Chris Ellis & Ed Smith then hit the front courtesy of a left hand shift up the beat, but the leading boats then sat in a hole downwind allowing Pynn and Videlo to sail through to the lead, finishing ahead of Stephen and Chris Videlo.
Hall and Haighton and the Shorrocks were at the front again in race 3, but Pynn and Videlo along with the Videlo boys overtook with an upwind shift. These 2 boats exchanged the lead several times with Pynn and Videlo coming through on the final beat as the wind built.

True to form, Mark Ampleford and Rachel Dunn had nothing to gain and everything to lose by putting their kite up on a breezy final reach. The ensuing capsize cost them a place, "It had to be done" said Mark.

Top cadet sailors Andrew Smith and Abigail Croft sailed very impressively in the Ovi Lark, demonstrating their skills in spite of their distinct lack of weight. A 360 for hitting the windward mark cost them dearly as they were well up in race 3.

Many thanks to Frensham Pond SC for an excellent open meeting.

1 2452 Harry Pynn & Ian Videlo, Waldringfield, 2 points
2 2491 Stephen & Chris Videlo, Waldringfield, 4
3 2339 Andy & Ben Shorrock, FPSC, 5
4 2523 Steve Hall & Simon Haighton, Northampton 7
5 2469 Chris Ellis & Ed Smith, FPSC 10
6 2470 Nigel Hufton & Matt Shorrock, FPSC 13
7 2301 Stuart Allen & Julia Allen, Frawkton 14
8 2330 Steve Chatten & Alison Dart, FPSC 14
9 2519 Andrew Smith & Abigail Croft FPSC 14
10 2492 Eluned Jones & Millie Parsons, Weston SC 15
11 2502 Mark Ampleford & Rachel Dunn, Penzance SC 20
12 12 Phil Whitney & Lynda Williams, FPSC 22
13 2422 James Ward & Kate Haighton, Exe SC 23