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Lark Youth Championships 2009

Hannah Showell - 02nd November 2009

Race 1
One of the hot favourites Chris and Steven Videlo lead from the start and looked to be the dominating team until the light winds and shifty conditions saw a change of leaders. Nick and Stuart Hydon slipped past and held onto the lead until the last lap. It seemed from nowhere; up and coming youth David Lynch (Shustoke) with an older lady crew (Hannah) managed a phenomenal come back from behind the fleet to surprise the Hydons and battle on the last beat, taking a crafty shift and covering the Hydons to be the first boat to the finish line. Taking third place was Chris and Steven.

Race 2
The first start was recalled as locals and all girl team Bryonie and Mary were pushed over the line. Winds had gently increased by the next start and Holly and Ruth were first round the windward mark closely followed by Dave and Hannah. Nick and Stu got penalised by Holly at the mark so slipped behind into 3rd. Holly and Ruth kept their lead pressurised by Dave and Hannah, until Hannah sailed them into as a hole and let the rest of the fleet slip by. The Hydons were now hot on the tail battling with Holly and Ruth but couldn’t get a break to pinch a first. The Videlos were third. Going into the last race, four out of the six entries could now win.

Race 3
The Race officer stuck to the time and started the race sequence before most of the junior fleet were actually at the start and unsure of his ability to distinguish who might be over the line, put up the black flag. With club sailing starting after the Lark start a few of the club lasers decided to join in with the larks and cause chaos at the favoured end. One less boat could now take first prize as Well Dodgey was pushed over the line and black flagged. This meant three boats could still win and the pressure was on for first place. Chris and Steve had managed to gain a long lead but were unfortunately swallowed after the wind filled in from behind, letting the Hydons gain an increasing lead of nearly a leg, which meant Nick now had to say a few choice words of thanks after their fantastic record of two seconds and a 1st.

1st - Nick and Stuart Hydon
2nd - Holly Hewat and Ruth Johnson
3rd - Dave Lynch and Hannah Showell
4th - Chris and Stephen Videlo