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Frensham Pond Open Meeting 2009

Hannah Showell - 02nd November 2009

Race 1 – Everyone woke up on Sunday morning with wind howling and boats getting smothered by leaves as the gale force winds and rain savagely stripped them from their home in the trees. Twenty two boats tentatively entered the competition with most people getting changed before rigging the boats, so they would have something dry to get changed into! The 1st race started, and with one boat already out with a broken mast it was a game of survival, with boats splatting all over the place including the infamous P&B boys. Hydon and Showell kept their cool with zero capsizes and won the race with James Stewart 2nd, the P&B boys 3rd and Chris Ellis 4th.

Race 2 – Started with Harry Pynn and Adam Owens gaining an early lead which they managed to hold. There were a few notably capsizes with major bruises gained by Holly and Ruth doing a perfect pitchpole and it was rumoured that the bow hit the bottom of the lake (10/10 for effort). The Videlo’s with Stu and Hannah wobbled together and enjoyed a messy capsize. The consolation was that many others went with them. Chris Fish and Beth were second just in front of Steve Hall. Another notable performance was a last ditch attempt to catch one place with Nick Hydon and Dave Lynch (with 16 stone on board) put up the kite on the last leg (a fairly tight reach) not only nearly capsizing on finish line, survived but struggled to get the kite in and nearly ended up sitting with the ducks on the near bank.

Race 3 – Again the race officer decided to use the black flag, which caught out the P&B team. Steven Videlo led from start. Lots of wind wiping several boats out at the same time. Andy Shorracks and son capitalise early on. The duel for the open meeting title was taking place with Chris Fish and Beth Condie and Hydon. Hydon slipped through gaining water at the end of a reach. Hydon pulled away which left Fish, Pynn and Stewart to battle the next few places.
Overall results were:

1st - Stuart Hydon and Hannah Showell
2nd - Harry Pynn and Adam Owens
3rd - Chris Fish and Beth Condie
4th - Steve Hall and Simon Haighton