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National Championship Day One

Emma Harris - 26th July 2009

A gloomy looking day for the first of the Lark National Championship, and a 16mph average wind speed greeted the 55 strong fleet into Torbay. It turned out to be all of that, with gusts in the mid 20s coming straight over the cliffs of Brixham causing the wind to shift through 25 degrees. Trapezoid courses with gate starts were scheduled for both races, the reaches being just too tight for the kite and the runs causing many a wobbly moment (some wet) for a lot of the fleet.

It was widely predicted that, with a windy week, the Battle Royale would be between the two big wind specialists, Alan Krailing/Edd McCardle and Steve Hall/Simon Haighton of P&B. The first day was bang on prediction. The P&B boys took a monster lead in the first race, with Krailing/McCardle recovering from a second rate start and first beat to pull through into second. Steve Cumley sailing with his new wife, Nicky, had a fantastic race, stretching their height over the side to full advantage.

1st Steve Hall/Simon Haighton
2nd Alan Krailing/Edd McCardle
3rd Steve/Nicky Cumley
4th Chris Fish/Beth Condie
5th Matthew White/Harriet Steer
6th Stephen Videlo/Chris Videlo
7th Holly Hewat/Ruth Johnson
8th Emma Harris/Becky Priest
9th Harry Pynn/Helen Krailing
10th Will Croxford/Chris Warbarton

By the second race, the wind was starting to go left and a massive left shift helped Krailing/McCardle to the windward mark in first. Team Videlo, Fish/Condie and Hall/Haighton raced hot on their heels, with a gaggle of boats behind. By the last reach, these four boats had pulled away from the fleet, but Hall/Haighton kept their kite flying to charge underneath the others, snatching 2nd on the line from Fish/Condie.

1st Alan Krailing/Edd McCardle
2nd Steve Hall/Simon Haighton
3rd Chris Fish/Beth Condie
4th Steve/Chris Videlo
5th Emma Harris/Becky Priest
6th Smashie Bennett/Nicola Booth
7th Stuart Hydon/Ian Videlo
8th Harry Pynn/Helen Krailing
9th Holly Hewat/Ruth Johnson
10th Steve/Nicola Cumley


1st Krailing/McCardle 3pts
2nd Hall/Haighton 3pts
3rd Fish/Condie 7pts
4th Videlo/Videlo 10pts
5th Cumley/Cumley 13pts
6th Harris/Priest 13 pts
7th Hewat/Johnson 16 pts (1st Silver)
8th Pynn/Krailing 17pts
9th Bennett/Booth 18pts
10th Croxford/Warbarton 21pts

22nd Spanni Archer/Hannah Mayhew (1st Bronze)