Mayflower Open Meeting Report

Steve Hall - 08th July 2009

17 Larks made the trip to Mayflower SC to be greeted by sunshine and an 8-10 knot breeze.

Race 1, first round the windward mark were Steve Hall & Simon Haighton followed by Emma Harris & Becky Priest, Stuart Hydon & Hannah Showell and Rich Bennett & Nicola Booth. These position stayed roughly the same until the second beat, where Hall & Haighton went looking for some non existent breeze, meaning Bennett & Booth won from Harris & Priest, with Hydon & Showell in third.

Race 2 was started in slightly more wind, Harris & Priest led at the windward mark followed by Hall & Haighton and Steve & Nicky Cumley these positions remained unchanged for the remainder of the race.

Race 3 was won by Hall & Haighton, followed by Hydon & Showell and Bennett & Booth

Sunday dawned to a nice 10-15 knots, with a few dark clouds coming through the race course.

Race 4 and it was Hall & Haighton leading at the windward mark from James Stewart & Tobytastic Lewis and Holly Hewatt & Ruth Johnson. The positions stayed the same, with Hall & Haighton extending to a comfortable lead as a rain cloud caused the wind to build for lap 2 and 3. James "I tack at the gybe mark" Stewart finished in second from Hewatt & Johnson.

Race 5 was lead from start to finish by Stewart & Lewis, with Hall & Haighton coming in second after a battle with Hydon & Showell.

After a pause between races to allow the Supernova's to recoup, and James Ward to hit a small Basking Shark. Race 6 was started on a pin biased line, with Hall & Haighton starting at the pin and clearing the fleet to lead at the windward mark, followed by Hydon & Showell and Harris & Priest. These positions remained unchanged until the finish.

Overall Results
1st 2502 Steve Hall & Simon Haighton, 7 points
2nd 2503 Stuart Hydon & Hannah Showell, 14 points
3rd 2356 James Stewart & Toby Lewis, 19 points
4th 2487 Richard Bennett & Nicola Booth, 20 points
5th 2311 Emma Harris & Becky Priest, 21 points
6th 2496 Steve Cumley & Nicola Cumley, 29 points
7th 2347 Holly Hewat & Ruth Johnson, 30 points
8th 2330 Steve Chatten & Kirsty Phipps, 35 points
9th 2132 Jane Alexander & Rachel Rhodes, 40 points
10th 2515 Chris Biglin & Ann Biglin, 44 points
11th 2484 Dougal Scott & Sarah, 47 points
12th 2268 Daniel Watson & Karen Jewkes, 55 points
13th 2492 Eluned Jones & Millie Parsons, 57 points
14th 2422 James Ward & Kate Rooke, 60 points
15th 2500 John Crooks & Helen Winward, 71 points
16th 2252 Garry Packer & Richard Packer, 73 points
17th 2170 Mark Sansom & Annabel Sansom, 80 points