Easter Egg at Waldringfield

Emma Harris - 25th March 2008

The earliest Easter for generations proved itself to be firmly in winter mode at the weekend, with snow blizzards and freezing temperatures. Having canned the first day at 9.30am with the river looking evil, four races were rescheduled for Easter Sunday. Ice and snow had to be cleared off the boats before going afloat, but at least the wind had dropped to a much more manageable F1-2. Two races were sailed before the rescue boat crews decided enough was enough and they needed to get in before they froze solid.

In both races, Sam Carter, sailing with Adam Owens were just too keen, getting quickly away to cross the finish first twice, but ended up with two OCS. The first race, was won by Chris and Cathy Fish, who held their position from start to finish, closely followed by Emma Harris and Becky Priest and Alan Krailing and Edd McArdle. A long wait between races which numbed the toes, didn't improve when the start for the second races was postponed at 30 seconds. A new line was set and the fleet tore off into a white blizzard (looking for a white mark with a pale yellow flag!). This time, the fleet bundled more at the marks but Ian and Alison Videlo managed to get clear to finish in first, with Harris & Priest and Krailing & McArdle close behind.

By this time, although the sailors were relatively warm the rescue boat crews were struggling with no activity to warm them up. The OOD, Patrick Gifford, made the wise decision to call it a day, so both races counted.

1st Emma Harris & Becky Priest, WSC, 4pts
2nd Ian and Alison Videlo, WSC, 6pts
3rd Alan Krailing and Edd McArdle, WSC, 6pts
4th Harry Pynn and Olly Woolgar, WSC, 8pts
5th Holly Hewatt and Alison Dart, Medway SC, 14pts
6th Stepen Videlo and Chris Videlo, WSC, 16pts