Frensham Pond Open Meeting Report

Stephen Videlo - 23rd October 2007

15 boats arrived to thick fog soon clearing into bright sunshine and a distinct lack of wind for the Frensham Pond open meeting held on the 21st October. The first race was due to start at 11:00, however, due to the non-existent wind the racing had to be postponed for just over 2 hours with the start finally getting underway after lunch.

Once the wind emerged, the pattern for the day would be for patches of wind constantly appearing and then disappearing, ensuring that racing would not be a procession!

At the start of the first race only a few boats got off the line cleanly, with Alan Krayling & Edd McArdle (2464) arriving at the first mark in the lead closely followed by Stephen & Chris Videlo (2491) and Stuart & Julia Allen (2301). Down the second leg the top 3 boats pulled away from the rest of the fleet, although the lead changed frequently between these three boats. Throughout the race, Chris Ellis & Becky Hopwood (2469) were steadily catching the leading group, although the biggest gains were achieved by Clive Eplett & Bryony Gregory in 2470. At the end of the second lap Clive & Bryony had pulled right up to the leading group, before pulling away downwind into a lead large enough to retain throughout the final lap. Stephen & Chris pulled into a safe second place by the finish, followed by Chris & Becky Hopwood, with Alan & Edd in fourth.

With the wind disappearing again everyone came in for a drink and a bite to eat to wait for the wind to fill in for the second start, which was now (due to the lack of wind) going to be the last race.

In the second and final race, Harry Pynn and Ian Videlo (2452) tacked away first onto port tack at the committee boat end of the line and led around the first mark with sufficient gap to retain clear air and build up what seemed an unassailable lead. However at the end of the first lap Harry & Ian became stuck in a hole which allowed Steve Cumley & Eluned Jones (2496) and Stuart & Julia Allen (2301) to catch up and take the lead. Steve & Eluned were not troubled after that and led to the finish, whilst Harry & Ian managed to overhaul Stuart & Julia to finish second, with the Allens in third. A close battle emerged for fourth throughout the final lap between Stephen & Chris Videlo and Chris Ellis & Becky Hopwood, with Stephen & Chris managing to gain the advantage and finish in fourth place, sufficient to give them the overall victory.

With just two races sailed, the overall results were very close with just 3 points separating the top 6 boats.

1st 2491 Steve & Chris Videlo, Waldringfield SC 6pts
2nd 2470 Clive Eplett & Bryony Gregory, Frensham Pond SC 8pts
3rd 2452 Harry Pynn & Ian Videlo, Waldringfield SC 8pts
4th 2301 Stuart & Julia Allen, Banbury SC 8pts
5th 2469 Chris Ellis & Becky Hopwood, Frensham Pond SC 8pts
6th 2496 Steve Cumley & Eluned Jones, Barnt Green SC 9pts