Waldringfield Easter Egg Report

Christopher Fish - 10th April 2007

The Waldringfield S.C. Easter Egg 2007 was blessed with glorious blue skies, decent winds and neap tides. 25 Larks including 10 visitors competed.

Christopher Fish & Beth Condie won Saturday's two races. Last years winner Matthew White, this time crewed by Harri Steer, started the defence well with second place, pipping Alan Krailing & Edd McArdle and Stephen & Christopher Videlo on the line. Emma Harris & David Marlow sailed a long second race in second place threatening to overtake Fish & Condie all the way. White & Steer headed the pack behind.

Wind with tide meant close tacking through "The Rocks" for Race 3. Harry Pynn & Steve Dunn popped out of the melee on the left hand bank shortly after the start to lead for a short while. Harris & Marlow overtook and then sailed off into distance. White & Steer fought through to 2nd by the end from Pynn & Dunn.

Alan Krailing and Edd McArdle eased to a comfortable victory in Race 4, which went around the island. Pynn & Dunn did enough to hold 2nd to the finish whilst the bunch behind had a close race. Fish & Condie forced Harris & Marlow to duck behind on the port finish lay line but they kept enough speed to pull back third.

On Monday the wind had turned westerly and low water restricted the course options for Race 5. The winner was almost decided at the start when Krailing/McArdle won the heavily favoured pin end. The race to catch Geoff Sinton & Sara Olliff in second place after the first lap was as much frustrating as it was fun with tactical options hard to choose. Fish & Condie managed it just but were fortunate to have the wind fill in from behind.

Going into the final race Fish & Condie 8pts could only lose out to Krailing & McArdle 10pts (needing at least 2nd) and Harris & Marlow 10pts (needing 1st).

Two races developed one for the lead and the other for fourth. Krailing & McArdle recovered masterfully to catch Fish and Harris by the last lap. This trio strained their way past Nick & Joanne Marlow, William Branton & Helen Hunt, Christopher Whitehouse & Hannah Mayhew and Robert & Ruth Marlow, who were all having their best races. But all was in vain as Stephen & Christopher Videlo won a three way tussle from Pynn & Dunn and White & Steer 3rd.

The Videlo's victory, although putting them 15 points clear of their parents Ian & Alyson in 7th overall wasn't enough for 5th, which Pynn & Dunn took instead. Likewise, 3rd place for White & Steer meant they lost out on 2nd on count back with no race wins.

Overall 1st 2494 Christopher Fish & Beth Condie 8pts
2nd 2464 Alan Krailing & Edd McArdle 10pts
3rd 2311 Emma Harris & David Marlow 10pts
4th 2471 Matthew White & Harri Steer 10 pts
5th 2452 Harry Pynn & Steve Dunn 12pts
6th 2491 Stephen Videlo & Christopher Videlo 13pts