Shustoke SC Silver Fleet Report

Stuart Allen - 27th March 2007

The Silver Fleet made the trip down the M6 to Shustoke the day after South Staffs where the breeze was up slightly but was not much warmer. However, it was shifting to the east which made for some great, if not complicated, courses.

Matt Stearn & Adam Owens carried on as they left off from the day before and got two 8th places to finish top of the tree in 9th overall. Chris & Anne Biglin had a coming together in the first race which allowed Stuart & Julia Allen through to get a top ten result. However, the next race saw Chris & Anne get back into the groove (not the one they had left in the other parties stearn quarter) to finish 11th overall. Stuart & Julia had couple of mid fleet finishes and came out a few points behind the Biglins to finish 3rd Silver Fleet in 15th spot.

Tony Hotchkiss & Lara White staved off a close challenge from Steve Chatten (our illustrious Nationals coordinator (Looe 21st to 27th)) & Nikki Attwood for fourth place. The latter team of which tested the temperature of the water after one breezy gybe. There is never a good time to take a swim, but they were in a good spot until that point. Steve will need to hone those skills that got him to 2nd in last year Belle Isle if he wants to challenge for the Jackson Five Trophy again this year.

Until Waldringfield on the Easter weekend…..