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Shustoke Open Meeting Report

Chris Fish - 26th March 2007

Twenty-six Larks moved overnight from South Staffs to Shustoke for a 3 race open on Sunday 25 March. The wind throughout the day was blustery F2-4 with big shifts. The compact courses each involved 7 legs, plenty of overtaking opportunities and generally splendid Larking.

Simon Cox & Sara Olliff led the first race for a lap before succumbing to the challenge behind. Dave Young & Laura Jakeman eventually won after a tussle with Tom Jeffcoate & Toby Wincer and James Stewart & Ruth Johnson.

Cox & Olliff once again lead race 2 for a lap before finding a rare hole in the breeze. Steve Cumley & Eluned Jones squeezed through to the lead (only to be DSQ'd later) with Christopher Fish & Harry Pynn finishing a close second on the water ahead of Jeffcoate and Jonathan Lewis & Tessa Nicholls.

About 8 boats could win going into the deciding race. Shustoke's Adrian & Hayleigh Padro, sailing "The Stig", hit fast forward to pull a commanding lead before a huge gust caught them out on a tight reach. Way behind Fish & Pynn, having just overtaken Lewis & Nicholls benefited first and went on to win the race from Cumley & Jones and the event as well.

1st 2495 Christopher Fish & Harry Pynn, Waldringfield
2nd 2506 Tom Jeffcoate & Toby Wincer, Notts County
3rd 2507 Dave Young & Laura Jakeman, South Staffs
4th 2356 Jonathan Lewis & Tessa Nicholls, Burghfield
5th 2496 Steve Cumley & Eluned Jones, Barnt Green

1st Silver, 2444 Matt Stearn/ Adam Owens Waldringfield
1st Bronze, 2488 Adrian & Hayleigh Padro Shustoke