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South Staffs & Shustoke Open Meeting Previews

Ruth Johnson - 14th March 2007

It's just over a week to go before the first events of 2007 are upon us. As is tradition, we are visiting South Staffs first on SATURDAY 24th - please note that the open is not on Sunday as is usual due to the clubhouse redevelopment (for photos on progress go to www.southstaffssailingclub.org.uk/gallery/index.php). Briefing is at 11:00 with the first of 3 races at 11:30 and free tea afterwards.

The plan is then to pack up the boats and go over to Shustoke for the Saturday night social and prepare(?) for Sunday's open. First of 3 races is at 11:00 with a briefing at 10:30.

For Saturday night, there are b+b's in the village or you can camp at the club. If anyone wishes to come over to the South Staffs area on Friday night and/or drop off a boat at the club contact me on 07887 521442 or [email protected]
See you there