Frensham Pond Open meeting Report

Simon Cox - 06th April 2004

The third Lark open of the year was a stormy affair at Frensham Pond SC on 4th April. Twenty boats left the shelter of the dinghy park to brave the gusty conditions. The race officer set an interesting course that comprised of three beats and numerous mark roundings that tested boat handling to the full. Sarah Richards/Nigel Wakefield led the first lap before being overtaken by Dougal and Helen Scott. The Scotts made a navigational error and handed the race back to Richards/Wakefield, who finished ahead of locals Chris Ellis and Ed Smith.

The Scotts didn't make any mistakes in the second race and won convincingly from Mark Ampleford and Lee Nankervis followed by Simon Cox and Neil Mackrell.

The two previous race winners, the Scotts and Richards, exchanged the lead in the third race. Richards/Wakefield eventually emerged victorious. The son/father combo of David and Nick Marlow were showing fine form with another 3rd place.

Going into the last race, many boats still had a mathematical chance of winning but the Scotts and Sarah Richards were the key contenders. The race officer set a new course, in case anyone was getting too familiar with the previous one. Thirty seconds before the start of the fourth race there was a large left shift. Manoeuvres of the weekend awards went to Dan Smith/Steve Cumley and Chris Ellis/Ed Smith who performed perfect port tacks of the fleet. They were also well placed on the right of the course when the inevitable 'righty' came down the course. This pair had a superb lead by the first mark and Chris Ellis lead the race and the event. Further back, the Scotts and Richards/Wakefield were fighting back through the ranks. Richards managed to climb to second before taking a quick dip at one of the gybe marks. This placed her just behind Scotts, whom she promptly overtook before eventually climbing back to second, just ahead David Marlow.

Special thanks to Frensham for running four excellent races, providing rescue cover, great lunches and fantastic tea.

Overall Results:

1st Sarah Richards & Nigel Wakefield - 4pts
2nd Chris Ellis & Ed Smith - 7pts
3rd Dougal Scott & Helen Scott - 8pts
4th David Marlow & Nick Marlow - 9pts