Important Information for National Attendees!

Eluned Jones - 01st August 2006

In order to make mine and your lives easier at registration, I have below a list of people who are not current members of the association.

Dan Smith
Hannah Showell
Harri Condie
Kathryn Young
Kirsty Low
Lancaster University
Laura Jakeman
Lee Nankervis
Lolly Martin-Watson
Nigel Wakefield
Nikki Attwood
Steve Dunn
Toby Lewis

Everyone must be a member of the association in order to compete at the Nationals so do not be surprized when I ask you for a cheque at registration.

Also, according to my records, the following boats are not measured.

Chris Ellis (2469)
Howie Enkel (2132)
John Crooks (2504)
Katharine Sampson (2442)
Katherine Sharp (2038)
Manchester Uni (2473-2480)
Mark Ampleford (2499)
Matt White (2471)
Portsmouth University
Simon Cox (2500)
Stuart Hydon (2503)
Tom Jeffcote (2501)

If you have any queries about the above then please email me on [email protected] ASAP. Please do not expect me to be able to fix any problems when we are in Penzance and away from all my records.

See you there,