Waldringfield Easter Egg 2006

Nigel Scott - 18th April 2006

Matthew White made a triumphant return to the water to win the Waldringfield Easter Egg after spending the last 6 months ashore fishing. The best catch of the day proved to be his crew Cathy Fish who became the first Fish to win the event despite her sons trying for many years.

White and Fish got off to the best possible start by winning race 1. Rounding the first mark in sixth place after a reaching start from the club line they took advantage of a port tack lift up the first beat to lee bow the increasingly strong flood tide. Alan Krailing and Edd McArdle finished second with Ian Sharps and Ellie Martin in third.
In race 2 the start line was positioned in “the rocks” leaving the tactical dilemma of starting at the more windward committee boat or out of the tide at the pin. The boats from the committee boat looked swell until very near the end of the beat when the shore side boats passed them. Ian and Alyson Videlo held on to the lead until the finish. Krailing and McArdle were buried, but recovered to second by sailing very low on the second beat to get away from the trees.

Race 3 was sailed in a brisk force 4. The lead was exchanged several times between Sharps and Martin, Fish and Smith and Harry Pynn and Millie Parsons. Pynn and Parsons won having built a strong lead by sailing low on the runs. Sharps and Martin lost second when they were unable to drop their kite.
White and Fish won race 4 from Pynn and Parsons in a dying breeze.

Following a general recall in race 5, Steve Cooney and Ian Bowles led the fleet around the windward mark. This proved to be a poisoned chalice however as the fleet converged on the bank allowing everyone to catch up. Stephen Videlo and Will Branton appeared to have held off mummy and daddy all the way to the finish but were adjudged OCS. Fish and Smith were quickly catching the Videlos and took second place.
A victory in the final race would have been enough for the Videlos to win the event, but a snapped mainsheet on the first beat put paid to that. Fiona Gray and Harrie Condie led the fleet round the windward mark. Krailing and McArdle then took the lead which they held until the finish, with Videlo and Branton in 2nd.

White and Fish’s strong performance on the first two days was enough for them to win the event. Cathy Fish is now among the hottest property on the lark circuit with two offers already for crewing Spring 7 & 8 at Waldringfield next Saturday.

1st Matthew White and Cathy Fish 8 points
2nd Alan Krailing and Edd McArdle 9 points
3rd Harry Pynn and Millie Parsons 11 points
4th Chris Fish and Andrew Smith 14 points
5th Ian Videlo and Alyson Videlo 16 points
6th Ian Sharps and Ellie Martin 18 points
7th Stephen Videlo and Will Branton 20 points