Bronze Fleet Report

Stuart Allen - 27th March 2006

The Bronze Fleet were out in force mixing it with the Silver and Gold fleets at South Staffs SC. Tony Hotchkiss & S Davies (SSSC) finished 15th overall and were the leading Bronze Fleet pairing after three consistent mid fleet results. The next few places were taken by the local boats of Parry & White, Waldron & Philips, Croxford & Croxford and White & Booth, all of which improved as the day went on, showing that local knowledge and consistent sailing is always going to help.

In the first race Rob & Ruth Marlow (Northampton SC) got caught out by a nasty gust at the windward mark which meant they dropped down a few places ending up having to discard what was looking like a good race. Stuart & Louise Norris (Shropshire SC) were keeping up a consistent pace and were looking good until an untimely capsize in the final race put an end to their efforts. Stuart & Julia Allen (Banbury SC) started poorly in each race but sailed well to gain places and valuble points for the Gill Belle Isle Bronze Fleet standings.

Currently, Will & Dave Croxford lead the standings followed by Ben Stone from Waldringfield.

See you at Frensham on the 9th April.....