Frensham Five 2006 - Races 7 & 8

Chris Ellis - 06th March 2006

After a week of freezing weather we were welcomed with an iced up sailing water, however after Chris and Kathryn had spent an hour ice breaking with the Ali Boat all was well for a late start.

Race 7. Mark Ampleford and Lee had the best start in a sunny force 2/3, but it was Chris and Kathryn that led from Sarah and Nigel at the first mark, with Mark and Lee pairing with Nigel and Chris for most of the race. After Sarah had got passed Chris and Kathryn they decided to fill up at the leeward mark which enabled Mark and Lee to catch them. However, they pulled back to finish second from Sarah and Nigel with Nigel and Chris fourth.

Race 8. With a change of course all got away together on a beat to the first mark. Sarah and Nigel rounded first and pulled away to win the Frensham Five. They definately still have last year's boat speed. Mark and Nigel kept each other company for most of the race, and after Chris had cleared the Laser fleet managed to catch up with seven seconds splitting Mark, Nigel and Chris at the finish. Well done Sarah and Nigel.