Frensham Five 2006 - Races 5 & 6

Simon Cox - 26th February 2006

Races 5 & 6 of the 2006 Frensham Frenzy took place in a fresh breeze from the North East, normally an ideal direction for Frensham Pond. The winds were particularly gusty with some large shift to contend with. For the first time this series the sun came out to play!

A confused start to Race 5 from Chris Ellis & Kathryn Young and Nigel Hufton resulted in a hungover Simon Cox & Nikki Curwen leading to the first mark from Sarah Richards & Nigel Wakefield with Phil & Linda Whitney hot on their heels. For the first round in challenging conditions the leading two boats pulled away from the pack with Sarah & Nigel piling the pressure on Simon & Nikki until they eventually cracked at a leeward mark rounding in a gust overshooting the mark by some distance letting Sarah & Nigel through. Sarah & Nigel held there lead to the finish with Simon & Nikki not far behind. Positions in the fleet remained relatively unchanged but a navigational error by Chris & Kathryn in the scrap for third place resulted in Phil & Linda coming back to take the gun.

Race 6 was very disappointing with the majority of the fleet expecting a later start! Phil & Linda took complete advantage to start on time with all the other Larks still onshore! This resulted in what can only be described as a Le Mans style start. Simon & Nikki were next to the start line about 1 minute behind Phil & Linda. Halfway round the first lap Simon & Nikki overhauled Phil & Linda and pulled away. At about the same time the rest of the fleet started about 5 minutes behind. Simon & Nikki had a bit of a scare from Phil & Linda in Lark 12 as they found the turbo button on their vintage ship and closed to within a few boat lengths. At the finish Simon & Nikki took a hollow victory from Phil & Linda, with Chris & Kathryn and Sarah & Nigel trailing in third and fourth respectively.

Races 7 & 8 take place Sunday 5th March. With Lark 2500 away at the Dinghy Show next weekend there is plenty of opportunity for the leader board to change!

1st 2469 Chris Ellis & Kathryn Young 11 pts
2nd 2500 Simon Cox & Nikki Curwen 11 pts
3rd 2288 Sarah Richards & Nigel Wakefield 15 pts
4th 12 Phil Whitney & Linda Whitney 16 pts
5th 2470 Nigel Hufton & Chris Whitehouse 22 pts
6th 2419 Sandy Lavelle & Pat Jones 29 pts
7th 2045 Bob Larder & Chris 34 pts