Cartoon Trophy Report

Nigel Scott - 07th September 2005

Waldringfield Cartoon Trophy - September 4th & 5th 2005

A mixed bag of weather greeted the 18 Larks at Waldringfield, with a sea mist on the Saturday giving tricky racing conditions but followed by near perfect racing conditions on the Sunday - sun, breeze, and plenty of water!

The keenness of the fleet to get away in Race 1 forced race officer Mike Oldroyd to declare a general recall. This sent the Lark start to the back of the sequence and resulted in a long wait while the other classes started. After the restart Harry Pynn & Clare Gosling lead around the windward mark from Chris Fish & Beth Condie. On the second beat Emma Harris and Nigel Scott found good breeze on the left hand side of the course and lead from Fish/Condie with Steve Dunn & Cathy Fish and Steve Cumley & Eluned Jones coming through the field. Harris/Scott pulled out a big lead, finishing ahead of Cumley/Jones and Pynn/Gosling.

Race 2 was characterised by long runs against a fast moving ebb tide. With so many boats and water draining from the river it was a case of playing dodgems with the other fleets. Pynn/Gosling lead initially from Matthew White and Clare LaForge, and then Cumley/Jones who were showing excellent boat speed. Cumley/Jones got water on the penultimate leeward
mark only to relinquish their lead immediately by sailing into a patch of weed. Their second place proving you don't have to be a local boat to do well at Waldringfield. Harris/Scott were third leading to a three-way overnight tie.

Fish/Condie were the stars of the show on Sunday, winning both races in their home waters. They secured Race 3 by some good close tacking up the bank. Behind them second place went to Pynn/Gosling ahead of Harris/Scott and Cumley/Jones.

The open meeting went down to the wire with any one of four boats able to win going into the final race. Stephen Videlo and Will Branton sneaked round the windward mark ahead of the pack holding a strong lead for most of the race. As the breeze freshened Fish/Condie passed Videlo/Branton and looked good for overall victory with Pynn/Gosling in fourth. Close to the finish Pynn/Gosling lulled Videlo/Branton and Cumley/Jones below a moored yacht before sailing above them and into the second place needed to win the meeting.

1st. Harry Pynn and Clare Gosling
2nd. Chris Fish and Beth Condie
3rd. Emma Harris and Nigel Scott
4th. Steve Cumley and Eluned Jones
5th. Stephen Videlo and Will Branton
6th. Matt White and Clare LaForge