Frensham Pond Lark Open Report

Emma Harris - 17th April 2005

Frensham Pond Lark Open 17 April, 2005

Following on from the Lark Youth Championships the day before, Frensham hosted its annual Lark Open with an entry of 30 boats, with many travelling up to three hours, for a day of close racing throughout the fleet. With a large fleet the Race Officer, Tim Hemsley did a great job as the wind increased and swung during the day, with the occasional use of the black flag.

In the first race, the fleet closely bunched at the first mark, with several visitors unsure of the direction to the next mark and were slow to bear away. This allowed Ian and Stephan Videlo to gybe clear of the bunch into the breeze and a clear lead. Several boats fort for second place, that eventually went to Dougal Scott and David Marlow from Harry Pynn and Richard Truscott who pulled through to third.

In race two Nigel Hufton and Chris Whitehouse took an early lead but again many place changes occurred amongst the leading boats with the very tight racing. In the end after a close fight with Michael Gifford and Kirsty Phipps and Dougal and David, Chris Ellis and Kathryn Young took first place from Dougal and David with Michael and Kirsty third.

After a break for lunch the third race got underway in a building breeze. Ian and Stephen Videlo just led at the first mark from Stuart Hydon and Hannah Showell. The Videlos narrowly survived a near capsize on the first reach. Stuart momentary took the lead before dropping his tiller extension to allow the Videlos through to lead to the end, with Stuart and Hannah second and Michael and Kirsty third.

In the final race Nigel Hufton and Chris Whitehouse was first at the weather mark, Ian and Stephen pulled through to a close second by the end of the first reach to overhaul Nigel and Chris on the next beat who finished third. Chris Ellis and Kathryn Young pulled through well to take the lead on the final lap only to be beaten on the line by Ian and Stephen who won the race and the event.

Final overall positions:
1st Ian and Stephen Videlo
2nd Chris Ellis and Kathryn Young
3rd Dougal Scott and David Marlow
4th Michael Gifford and Kirsty Phipps
5th Nigel Hufton and Chris Whitehouse
6th Stuart Hydon and Hannah Showell