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Daniel Watson
01473 736251

Waldringfield SC

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Directions to Club

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Go to Ipswich (A12 from London) then get onto the A14 to Felixstowe. Turn left after 7 miles on the A12 to Lowestoft, then turn right at the next roundabout and follow signs to Waldringfield. Follow road down the village almost to the river then turn right by the Pub and drive up to the car park. Rig in the car park and then take the footpath down hill to the club. Boats can be left on the foreshore, but beware of the tide.

Club News & Notices

18 Sep 19 Larks at Waldringfield Cartoon
09 Sep 18 2018 Waldringfield Cartoon Open
23 Oct 17 GJW Direct Salcombe Open
13 Sep 17 GJW Direct Larks at Waldringfield Cartoon 2017
24 Apr 17 Waldringfield Easter Egg
11 Apr 16 Waldringfield Easter Egg
13 Oct 14 Waldringfield Lark open
06 Oct 14 Waldringfield Lark open preview
26 Apr 14 Larks at the Waldringfield Easter Egg
23 Oct 13 GJW Direct Belle Isle at Waldringfield - Report
14 Oct 13 GJW Direct Belle Isle at Waldringfield - Preview
10 Sep 13 Larks at Waldringfield Cartoon
06 Apr 13 Egg-streme Conditions for the Larks at WSC
10 Oct 12 Waldringfield Open Race Report.
25 Sep 12 GJW Direct Belle Isle at Waldringfield - 29/30 Sep
12 Apr 12 2012 Zhik Lark Youth Championships
11 Apr 12 2012 Waldringfield Easter Egg and Lark Belle Isle
02 Apr 12 Waldringfield Easter Egg and Zhik Lark Youth Champ
29 Feb 12 Zhik To Sponsor 2012 Lark Youth Champs
02 Nov 11 Waldringfield Open Meeting Report
26 Apr 11 Waldringfield Easter Egg Report
18 Apr 11 Waldringfield Easter Egg Trophy Preview
28 Oct 10 Waldringfield Open Meeting Report
27 Sep 10 Larks at Waldringfield Cartoon Trophy
06 Apr 10 Larks out in Force for Easter at Waldringfield
08 Mar 10 Alton Water Winter Series overall
16 Nov 09 Waldringfield Challenge Open Meeting
16 Apr 09 Waldringfield Easter Egg Open Meeting Report
02 Apr 09 Waldringfield Training & Easter Egg Preview
04 Nov 08 Waldringfield Open Meeting Report
23 Oct 08 Climax to 2008 Belle Isle
28 Mar 08 Short Course Championship Report
25 Mar 08 Easter Egg at Waldringfield
16 Mar 08 Forthcoming Events
07 Mar 08 Good Friday Training at Waldringfield
30 Oct 07 Waldringfield Cartoon Open Meeting Report
11 Apr 07 Lark Youth Championship Report
10 Apr 07 Waldringfield Easter Egg Report
02 Apr 07 Waldringfield Easter Egg
31 Mar 07 Lark Youth Championship
11 Sep 06 Waldringfield Cartoon Trophy Open Meeting Report
07 Sep 06 Waldringfield Cartoon Open Meeting
04 May 06 Waldringfield Wednesdays are go
18 Apr 06 Waldringfield Easter Egg 2006
07 Sep 05 Cartoon Trophy Report
29 Mar 05 Harris & Priest win Waldringfield Easter Egg
22 Mar 05 Easter Egg and Good Friday Practice
22 Sep 04 Waldringfield Cartoon Trophy Report
19 Apr 04 Easter Egg Report
05 Apr 04 Waldringfield Training Event

Registered Club Boats

Sail No.
Boat Name
Andrew Cooney
Glenn Enkel
David Copp
Jez Linsell
J & Sarah Stone
Buffalo Breath
Kate Reiss
Richard Bradshaw
Steve Cooney
Colin Lord
Closing Time
Condie family
Geoff Sinton
Buxom Wench
Anthony Mason
Geoff Harris
Mr Rhubarb
Tony Fraser
Will Branton
Originally called 'Cumulus'
Jez Linsell
Geoff Mayhew & Kim Lamb
Matthew Stearn
Kiss My Face 2
Harry Pynn
Maggie May
Adam Owens
The Joker
Matt White
Forty Two
Stephen Videlo
Fishy Fingers Too
Christopher Fish
Pussy Galore
Fiona Gray
John Crooks
Harry Pynn
Polar Bear
Daniel Watson

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