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The LARK Register

Do you own a Lark? If it is not included in this list then please register your boat. Please note that you will need to register yourself first so that only you can make amendments to your boat.

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There are 553 Lark's currently recorded in the database.

Sail No. Boat Name Owner Sailing Club Builder/Type
The Stig
Cole & Darren Briscoe
Shustoke SC
Rondar Mk 2
Va Va Voom
Kian Andrews
Penzance SC
Rondar Mk 2
Blonde Moment
Mike Peddie
Rondar Mk 2
Neil Goodhead
South Staffs SC
Rondar Mk 2
Helen Scott
Rock S&WSC
Rondar Mk 2
Roy E Alexander
South Staffs SC
Rondar Mk 2
Mystic Wind
Colin Haberfield
Northampton SC
Rondar Mk 2
The Thin Blue Line
Lee Nankervis
South Staffs SC
Rondar Mk 2
Southern Fairy
Kevin Rose
Rondar Mk 2
Northern Monkey
Rob & Julie Hicklin
South Staffs SC
Rondar Mk 2
Other Way Up
Sarah Clark and Naomi Clark
Notts County SC
Rondar Mk 2
Nicholas von Benzon
Severn Sailing Club
Rondar Mk 2
Jan-Olof Mannby/Matthew Jones
Waldringfiled SC
Rondar Mk 2
Chris Holliman & Kate Hutchins
Rondar Mk 2
Waldringfield Sailing Club
Rondar Mk 2
Knot a Clew
Chris Cooper
Rotherham SC
Rondar Mk 2
Nigel Scott
Cotswold SC
Rondar Mk 2
The Joker
Matt White
Waldringfield SC
Rondar Mk 2
Garry Packer
Bristol Corinthian Yacht Club
Rondar Mk 2
Fast and Loose
Oliver Bown
Frensham Pond SC
Rondar Mk 2
Tony Hotchkiss
South Staffs SC
Rondar Mk 2
Bob Suggitt
Barnt Green SC
Rondar Mk 2
Sweet Fanny Adams
Richard Adams
Ogston SC
Rondar Mk 2
Originally 'Mr Ben'
David Croxford
South Staffs SC
Rondar Mk 2
Rocket Ronny
Chris Warburton
South Staffs SC
Rondar Mk 2

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