Belle Isle rules and results so far:

Steve Cumley - 31st March 2005

73 different Helm and crew combinations have entered at least one of the first 3 rounds of the 2005 Belle Isle series. Given this fantastic enthusiasm it seems timely that I provide a reminder of the rules;

The Belle Isle is a ranking system which any Lark in the country can compete in. You do not need to register and there is no fee for competing (other than the cost of the open meeting entry).

The system runs from winter champs (Nov) and ends at the last event before the next winter champs.

Everybody is ranked on their best 5 results.... counting at least 1 open water event and at least one restricted water event. so if you have done 7 events, obtaining 5 10ths on restricted water and two 20ths on open water you will be counting 60 points (forced to count at least one open water in your 5).

It obviously pays with this system to do as many events as possible, and to travel to some of the traditionally less well attended events to pick up easy points.

The current Belle Isle has 11 more events;

9 and 10 Apr 05 Barnt Green SC

17 Apr 05 Frensham Pond SC

30 Apr 05 to 2 May 05 Rock S&WC

21 May 05 and 22 May 05 Burghfield SC

4 Jun 05 to 5 Jun 05 Arun YC

18 Jun 05 to 19 Jun 05 Felixstowe Ferry SC

25 Jun 05 to 26 Jun 05 West Kirby SC

9 Jul 05 to 10 Jul 05 Weymouth SC

3 Sep 05 to 4 Sep 05 Waldringfield SC

8 Oct 05 to 9 Oct 05 Mayflower SC

6 Nov 05 Shustoke SC

At the end of the year prizes are awarded for;

Top 5 helms and crews overall
Top 3 helms and crews in the silver fleet
First Lady helm
First Under 21 helm
First under 21 crew
Best club
Best improvers
Best newcomers
Best boat older than number 2031

At the winter championships each year we have a big laying down supper where all the awards get presented.

The top 5 overall at the moment look like this:

1) Nigel Scott and Gill Young
2) Steve Cumley and Eluned Jones
3) Alan Krailing and various
4) Harry pynn and various
5) Emma Harris and Becky Priest

The top 5 in the silver league are

1) Nigel Scott an Gill Young
2) MJ Gifford and Kirsty Phipps
3) Geoff Mayhew and Kim Lamb
4) Dan Smith and Nicola Attwood
5) Will Croxford and Dave Croxford

The next counting event is Barnt Green. At the moment there are no discards (because there has only been 3 events) so just turning up will see you rocket up the rankings.

Hope this helps
PS full regularly updated results will be available on the website soon. In the mean time, if you want to know your current position, e-mail me, and I will reply ASAP.