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Frensham Open

Nigel Hufton - 15th April 2018

Stuart Hydon and Anne Biglin won the Frensham Lark Open on Sunday 8 April 2018, winning the prestigious trophy which now has been awarded for 50 consecutive years!

Following a successful training session on the Saturday (see separate post), 11 boats braved the drizzle and calm to sail in 3 races.

In race 1, Chis Ellis and Judith Young looked like they would roll Nigel Hufton and Matt Wood however Hufton/Wood managed to squeeze ahead just to windward of Stuart Hydon and Ann Biglin. At the end of the first leg Hydon/Biglin made a dash(!) for the right hand side giving them an advantage coming into the mark. Also pulling through was Nigel and Fiona Denchfield who rounded second from the same area. From there the positions where decided.

After an impromptu visit by Lark designer Mike Jackson, Race 2 saw Chris and Kate Holliman lead round the first mark first. Unfortunately, they planted themselves between 2 RS200s which had parked up at the first mark and started 5 minutes earlier. This allowed Hydon/Biglin to squeeze through. Hufton/Wood also took advantage of the situation and stayed high and left on this leg giving them first call on the breeze but never quite catching Hydon/Biglin. Positions remained in that order to the finish.

Race 3 was a short race with Hydon/Biglin again leading from the start. Chris and Kate Holliman pulled through to second and held that position to the finish with Hufton/Wood behind them.
Thanks go to Frensham Pond SC for hosting the weekend and in particular holding their nerve waiting for the wind to come in on Sunday.

1st, 2528, Stuart Hydon and Ann Biglin, Shustoke SC, 2
2nd, 2475, Chris and Kate Holliman, RYA, 5
3rd, 2538, Nigel Hufton and Matt Wood, FPSC, 5
4th, 2459, Nigel and Fiona Denchfield, Grafham Water SC, 7
5th, 12, Phil Whitney and Lynda Williams, FPSC, 8