Lark Nationals - Runners & Riders

Nigel Hufton - 08th August 2017

Ahead of the upcoming Lark Nationals (11-15 August), Nigel Hufton assesses the top jockeys.

Stuart & Nick Hydon - Current holder of all three championships – National, Inlands and Travellers. Stuart will want to make sure that his first title last year (with a different crew) is not the only one. Can do it in all weather.

Alan Krailing & Stephen Videlo - 3 times winner, Alan is a Lark God, but still looking for more. Looked sharp at the Scorpion Nationals (5th). Stephen is a previous champion crew and may make the difference. Great all-rounder.

James Stewart & Tim Hartley – Vast experience and Endeavour champion crew, James came 4th last year and will do well if it blows.

Nigel Hufton & Matt Wood - Evergreen campaigner, Nigel has placed Top 5 many times, but never 1st. Second year with Matt Wood, this is now a settled partnership. Best light-medium.

Steve Cumley & Eluned Stewart – Past champions in 2007, these two still have the speed and ability to be Top 5. All-rounder.

Chris & Kate Holliman – 7th in 2016. Likes it windy. A new contender for the Married prize.

James Goss & Ian Robertson – Steadily improving on the sea.

Harry & Gemma Pynn - Harry won the Nationals in 2010, then taught his wife to sail and is now back at the top. How cool is that! Top 5 if it’s light.

Chris White & Nicky Booth - A great team with plenty of practice sailing together. Awesome on ponds, and improving on the sea.

Adam Parry & Ruth Johnson - A settled partnership and won last time out at Lee-on-Solent. On the up. Likes it windy