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Helly Hansen – Lark Inland Championships

Stuart Hydon - 29th June 2016

19 teams descended on Alton Water Suffolk for the Inland National Champs. Amongst the teams competing there were 7 national champions. Weather conditions for Saturday were un-predictable with various warnings of storms, but light winds, whilst Sunday was forecast to have stronger breezes.

On Saturday race one started with Steven Videlo / Maddie Harris taking the lead. Second was Geoff and Amelia Mayhew but after a mistake at the wing mark this allowed Stuart Hydon and Rachael Rhodes slip through from fourth to second as the Mayhew’s took Matt White/Jackie McKellar wide. Hydon/Rhodes eventually took Videlo/Harris after a tussle. After a quick turnaround race 2 began with Harry Pynn Gemma Cook leading the race but eventually were overturned by Pete Gray/Rich Pepperdine. Hydon and Rhodes proceeded to then overtake both taking the race from Gray/Pepperdine. Chris Whitehouse and Simon Haighton pulled up to third just ahead of Nigel Hufton /Matt Wood. The third race was wisely postponed to Sunday as the wind was dropping and thunder was overhead. Early retirement to bar meant that some could enjoy the Wales Vs Northern Ireland game.

Sunday began with the continuation of the remaining four race programme. Race 3 and 4 saw Hydon/Rhodes take both of the races, but chased down by Videlo/Harris in both who natched up two more second places. What was appearing to be a two horse race then saw upset in the race 5 & 6 with Gray/Pepperdine taking a first and second which closed the gap on Videlo/Harris. In race 5 Alan Krailing took second place ahead of the Videlo/Harris. In the final race Hydon/Rhodes managed to pass Gray/Pepperdine leaving the Videlo/Harris in third ahead of Krailing /Harris.

Thanks go to Alton Water Sports Centre and particularly the race officer’s team for keeping the fleet to programme in tricky conditions.

Overall Results
1st Stuart Hydon and Rachael Rhodes, Shustoke / SHSC, 5 pts
2nd Stephen Videlo and Maddie Harris, Waldringfield SC, 12 pts
3rd Pete Gray and Rich Pepperdine, SHSC, 16 pts
4th Alan Krailing and Ed Harris, Waldringfield SC, 22 pts
5th Nigel Hufton and Matt Wood, Frensham Pond SC, 25 pts

Will Kennedy and Chris Sycamore, Marconi SC

Jez Linsell and Erin Marks, Waldringfield SC