GJW Direct Lark Class Belle Isle at West Kirby

Stuart Hydon - 25th July 2014

Wobbly Larks on the Wirrral
Sundays Lark open began in sunshine and a steady force five wind. Launching was prompt to make the best of the tide and was relatively hectic as West Kirby were also hosting their Regatta Weekend.

Race one started with Stuart Hydon and Rory Bush lee bowing Steve Chatten and crew off the line. Hydon/Bush carried on whist some local boats hit the shore to get out of the tide. Hydon/Bush rounded first with Chatten/xxx second. The position held steady down the trapezoid course although further down the field the gybe between mark 2 and 3 was proving troublesome. On the second beat and Chatten whilst gaining on Hydon/Bush, tacked early and took a swim. This allowed Julia Neal and Simon Hall into second. Hydon/ Bush looked like they may lose the lead after a capsize on a downwind gybe however they managed to hold the lead from Neal/Hall. Ryan Crawford and Laura Lilly pulled up to third in their borrowed boat.

Race two started earlier than many thought. Off the line it was Jo Crabtree and crew who made an excellent start, but decided to go early near the shore with Neal/Hall. Hydon/Bush rounded firt with Crawford/Lilly second. As the wind marginally increased it was playing havoc with the downwind gybes with Crabtree and Simon and Nicola Kenny both taking an early bath. Hydon/Bush managed to keep upright to take the win ahead of Crawford/Lilly followed by Heal/Hall.

The visiting Lark fleet would like to thank West Kirby for a great Weekend hosting Saturdays Youth Championship and Sunday Open Meeting. The format with the regatta worked well and special thanks to Jo Crabtree for playing a major part in the organisation.

1st Stuart Hydon and Rory Bush Shustoke SC
2nd Ryan Crawford and Laura Lilly Penzance SC
3rd Julia Neal and Simon Hall West Kirby SC
4th Steve Chatten and crew Netley SC
5th Jo Crabtree and crew West Kirby SC
6th Simon and Nicole Kenny West Kirby SC