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Crewsaver Southport 24 Hour Race Report

Laura Lily - 10th September 2013

The epic journey from Pz to Southport began with the Pz Pirate team meeting at Captain Chadders house with an aim to leave at 6pm all was well until Shark bait Lol was late! The excuse of buying food was unforgiveable, now had alcohol been involved....This of course incurred the first of the sambuca penalties.

After the Pz Pirates made it out their beloved Kernow the fun began with a little road rage from Bloody Crawford as it seemed northern drivers don't understand that middle lane hogging is no longer acceptable and slightly winds up a Pirate! Be warned Pirates behind a wheel towing their ship can be very protective and aggressive! Mean while Kannonball Kian and Interceptor Imy kept themselves amused with coke and sweets (my goodness 13year olds on a sugar high!)

The Pz Pirates made it to Southport in time for last orders and a quick go on the surf simulator where they promptly showed everyone up! Gullbasher Geyman finished with a 9th place on the simulator showing them all how it's done!

Day 1
The two Lark teams woke up to find a very wet and windy morning especially in one tent where the water had defiantly found its way into my sleeping bag!
The race began with both Larks setting off in flight 6. Bloody Crawford and Shark Bait lol thought they had the start of the event but turned out to be OCS incurring a penalty - the Second sambuca penalty of the weekend! Nevertheless they sailed hard and kept an 11minute lead on their fellow Lark team. A that point team Pz Pirates were 17th overall with the LCOA team in 19th.

As the day went on a number squalls came and went yet both Larks remained upright and dry battling it out constantly changing position between each other. By 6pm the LCOA had a comfortable lead on the Pz Pirates but the Pirates were not to be put off and embraced the challenge of the LCOA.

The first of the special races was the Dog Watch Trophy which began at 6pm and the LCOA team gave a sterling performance with TIm Vick and Rebecca Marks missing out on first place be a mere second! As midnight approached the LCOA team managed to pull out all the stops and get themselves into the top ten while Pz Pirates managed to hang on in 30th. The midnight race saw Jack Banks and Penny Jeffcote pitched against Bloody Crawford and SharkBait Lol. It started well for the Pirate team with a smooth run to the leeward mark but their luck soon ran out on the beat as the wind died while Jack and Penny found a personal puff up the inside along the islands securing them the first win for the LCOA team.

Day 2
A few shots of whiskey before and after racing took the chill out of the noticeable drop in temperature and wind. The Pz Pirates decided to put their lightest team Kannonball Kian and Powder Monkey Eli in to take advantage of the light airs, while West Kirby contingent took the remaining night shifts for the LCOA team.

The ladies race began at 10am. In the LCOA team Penny and Becs took to the water with high hopes, while on the Pz Pirate team SharkBait Lol and Bowman Becki tried their hand at pairing up. As the signal went to start the Ladies race, Pz Pirates set off first in a bid for their fastest lap with a clear reach to the leeward mark closely followed by the LCOA girls in Dark Knight. Penny and Becks sailed hard and hugged the island again securing them a second 2nd place in the ladies race. Meanwhile SharkBait Lol Bowman Becki took 8th place out of 19.

The finishing stints were sailed by Tim and Becs for the LCOA team and Bloody Crawford and SharkBait Lol for the Pz Pirates. The final hour saw a very shifty beat and challenged both teams. Sticking to the middle and playing the shifts seemed to pay and gained the Pz Pirate team 3 places up the scoreboard finishing them in 25th out of 66. Equally so the fast sailing by Tim and Becs gained positions and secured them a 12th overall.

A big thank you goes to Kevin Rose who provided his boat and a his new laminate main sail. Dark knight looked very impressive on the water with her new sail and certainly demonstrated the adaptability of the Lark to the use of laminate sails. It must also be noted the epic journey the Pz Pirates made to attend well done guys!

SharkBait Lol (Laura Lilly)