GJW Direct National Champs - Final Day

The fleet assembled in the race area at eleven o’clock. The start was delayed due to thunderstorms and conditions varying from F1 to F4. After an hour and a half postponement the battle for the nationals title between Hydon/Rhodes, Videlo/Harris and Hall/Wells began with a gate start on an Olympic course. Hall/ Wells broke early from the gate whilst Hydon/Rhodes went for the middle and Videlo/Harris towards the end of the gate. Two thirds up the beat it was apparent that Hall/Wells were finding it difficult to recover as the tide was pushing them down. At the end of the first beat it was the pathfinder Andrew Nun (Sponge)/Clare Gosling who rounded first followed by Hydon/Rhodes and Videlo/Harris. At this point the championship title was now going to be between the two. Hydon/Rhodes needed to stay ahead of Videlo/Harris and stay fourth or better in order to claim the title. At the third leg, Videlo/Harris pushed Hydon/Rhodes high on the reach forcing three boats to pass underneath. Rounding the bottom of the triangle Videlo/Harris managed to overtake Hydon/Rhodes on the beat and establish a position of advantage trying to drive Hydon/Rhodes down the fleet. At the final leg it was Sponge/Gosling who won the race with a substant ial lead followed by Pynn/Videlo and third was Hufton/Kennedy. Videlo/Harris managed 6th and Hydon/Rhodes finished 9th and Hall/Wells finished 15th. In the final results, there was a 0.5 point gap separating first and third.

Videlo/Harris claimed the 2013 title, second were Hydon/Rhodes and third were Hall/wells.

Silver fleet 1st - Sponge/Clare Gosling (in 9th overall position).

Bronze fleet 1st Tom Branton/Faye Gosling (in 20th overall position).


The lark fleet would like to thank Felixstowe Ferry Sailing Club for a well-run championship in fantastic conditions and also its sponsors GJW Direct marine insurance.

Stuart Hydon - 03rd August 2013

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