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GJW Direct National Champs - Day 4

Stuart Hydon - 01st August 2013

Another 10am start and three races programmed. Race 6 began in lighter F3 breeze. Team Videlo/Harris looked good at the first mark with Krayling/Linsell and Pynn/Videlo also doing well. Hydon/Rhodes and Hall/Wells rounded in double figures by the end of the first lap Hall/Wells had pulled up into third with Hydon/Rhodes in 5th just behind Pynn/Videlo. Krayling/Linsell pulled ahead of Videlo/Harris. It was on the last leg that Videlo/Harris challenged Krayling/Linsell by going high, but Krsyling/Linsell intercepted the manoever. First Krayling/Linsell, second Videlo/Harris and third Hall /Wells.

Race 7 began with increasing F4 breeze on an Olypmic course. Krayling/Linsell rounded first followed by Hall/Wells and then Videlo/Harris. By the end of first reach Hydon/Rhodes powered through to third. Krayling/Lindsell sailed off to the wrong mark on the third leg but only lost one place. Hydon/Rhodes managed to take Hall/Wells on the beat. Hydon/Rhodes maintained the first position, followed by Hall/Wells with Krayling/Linsell taking third ahead of Videlo/Harris.

Race 8 final race of the day was a line start on an olympic course. It took three attempts to get the start underway. Krayling/Linsell led followed by Videlo/Harris. Hydon/Rhodes moved into second with Hall/wells taking third spot from Videlo/Harris. These positions were held to the finish.

Overall positions have changed as a result of todays racing but it still remains tight going into the last day with three still in contension for the Championship Title.

Overall Positions

1st Stuart Hydon / Rachel Rhodes 11.5 pts
2nd Stephen Videlo / Maddie Harris 12.25 pts
3rd Steve Hall / Olly Wells 8.75pts

Silver Fleet
1st Andrew Nunn/Clare Gosling

Bronze Fleet
1st Tom Branton / Faye Gosling

Sailwave Files -
Day 4 Results (unsorted)