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GJW Direct National Champs - Day 3

Stuart Hydon - 31st July 2013

Racing 31 July 2013 Lark National Champs

The good news we went sailing, the bad news 10 am start and 3 races finishing with a long race....all that hiking.

Race 3 started in an acceptable F3 with a gate start led by pathfinder Mark Dicker/Lizzie Chellew. The first beat was looking for good for those going early and left. Two thirds up the beat it flicked over to massive lift to those coming in from the right. As the fleet darted over to the right there was a even bigger lift on the left, consequence it was very busy at the windward mark. Around first went Videlo/Harris . By the time of the next beat it was Emma and Matt White who tried a daring "bang the right corner. This paid off and they pulled up to second. First to finish was Videlo/Harris followed by the White's and third Harry Pynn/Alyson Videlo.

The breeze dropped after the race but soon picked up to a steady F4. Race 4 started and it was Keri and Freya Harris that rounded first ahead of Hufton/Kennedy. By the last leg of the first lap Hufton/Kennedy had pulled through with Hydon/Rhodes moving into second. With the extra leverage of Rhodes although she said it was better tactics Hydon/ Rhodes moved into first place on the up wind leg. Despite a tussle downwind Hydon/Rhodes took the race ahead of Hufton/Kennedy followed by Krayling/Linsell.

Race 5 began with increasing wind and an Olympic course. Hall/Wells nailed the first beat with Krayling/Linsell second. Chris Fish/Beth Condie went round third. As the race progressed Krayling/Linsell stole the lead from Hall and Wells. On the penultimate downwind leg Hall/Wells managed to drive level with Krayling/Linsell forcing them to go for early gybe only to narrowly miss a capsize. Krayling/Linsell rounded second with a boat full of water and this was to prove sufficient for Hydon/Rhodes to squeeze past on the final beat.

Overall Standings

1st Stephen Videlo / Maddie Harris 6.25 pts
2nd Steve Hall / Olly Wells 8.75pts
3rd Stuart Hydon / Rachel Rhodes 8.75pts
4th Alan Krayling/ Tim Linsell 18pts