GJW Direct National Champs - Day 1

Stuart Hydon - 28th July 2013

Saturday saw the assembly of the Lark fleet as it descended on Felixstowe Ferry. The launch of the practice race started at 3:30pm with a proposed three short races. The first race started amidst sea fog with competitors having difficulty locating marks 1, 2 and 3 of the trapezoid course. First round was Nigel Hufton and Will Kennedy leading a tightly knit bunch whilst a signifcant number of competitors overstood the first mark, or mis-took mark 2 as the first mark. By the end of the short course it was Hufton/Kennedy who managed to hold their lead followed by Emma Harris/Aaron Wolfe who slipped into second just ahead of Stuart Hydon/Rachel Rhodes.

Sunday saw a rough sea state with a steady 22/25 knot wind. After a three hour postponement the racing was canned and the Larks got on their bikesto practice for tonights Tour de la Felixstowe. Tomorrow will see an extended 3 race programme which will prove interesting after what could be carnage on the cycle tracks of Felixstowe.