Laminate Mains? A Revamped Belle Isle?

LCOA Committee - 14th July 2013

Your 2013 AGM - Laminate Mains, Revamping the Belle Isle - Your Class Needs You!

At the 2013 Nationals the class will hold its AGM - this key event is being revamped for this year.

Key information on agenda items is being circulated in advance - see below, on and via the class facebook page.

This is so the event itself can be kept to a short focused discussion on the key issues that affect us all - whether you are a past Lark sailor, current Lark sailor or a prospective one, your input is valued. This also applies to whether you sail on the circuit or at your local club - we want your input to shape the future of the Lark class.

And it isn't just a read and delete exercise, there's a questionnaire to fill in so we can get your views before the event.

Should you come to the event itself...I can confirm that the acting chairman will run the event in a pink skirt if more than 30 people attend! (skirt has been purchased)

We want your help to shape the future of the Lark class - so read the below, let us know what you think, come to the AGM, help the discussion.


The LCOA Committee

Full Agenda

1. Review of 2012 season
2. Current state of the class
3. Accounts
4. Laminate Sails
5. Change of format for Belle Isle Series
6. Membership Benefits
7. Joint Nationals
8. AOB

Revamped Belle Isle

One of the key areas of focus for your current committee is what shape does the Belle Isle take next year?

· Do you like the current format?
· Would you like a more regional structure?
· Would you like fewer bigger events?

Click on the link below and answer our questionnaire. We want your input. Results of this will be presented by the man in the slightly scary pink little number at the AGM – we are asking you to shape the future of your class.
If you’re receiving this we want your input, Lark sailor current or not.

Take the events survey - it will only take you 5 minutes max!

Click here to take survey
Laminate Mains

This year at the AGM a proposal is being put forward to allow laminate mains. Links below show the proposal and background from key sailmakers in the class today.
Please read these in advance to help us have an informed debate at the AGM – if agreed at the AGM this would be put to a formal vote of the full membership afterwards before being adopted.

Laminate Sails Proposal
click here
Background from Norths
click here
Background from P&B
click here
Background from Macnamara and Dimension Polyant
click here

Class Accounts

These are also being distributed in advance (via the link below) to allow digestion at your leisure.

Accounts 2012
click here
Treasurer's Report
click here
Your Views

As well as filling in the questionnaire about the Belle Isle, your committee value your input – either in person at the AGM or if you can’t make the Champs (why wouldn’t you be going?) by email to or on the forum in advance.