Your all important Nationals social guide

Chris Holliman - 11th July 2013

Commodore's Reception - Saturday 27th

To kick off the week the bar will loaded and ready to go with the band 'The Has Beens' raring to rock you into the night.

Cycle ride with pubs - Sunday 28th

Make sure to bring your Bikes along with you for the 'lark tour de bar' I am told we will be taking in the 'col de kirton white horse' and the 'col de fluggers' and many many other excellent drinking establishments. Spot prizes and awards will be awarded throughout the evening. There will be both a weekend worrier (7mile) and professional (12mile) course will be available.

Crew's Union/Helm's party - Monday 29th

This night needs no further introduction other than it is possibly the most anticipated Larkie night of the year. As per normal ensure that you are dressed appropriately, have clean underwear and are punctual with your timing! Crews Union also have a strict ‘Tight and Bright’ theme and will be taking on a games night whilst the helms go and have a quiet pint somewhere to discuss the days racing. Then it’s all back to the club for Disco Disco Disco!! so crews get down to Primark!!Forget the tactics on the water any wrong navigation here will be punished.

Larks Got Talent - Tuesday 30th

A classic brought back for it’s encore, last time we saw a number of amazing feats, previously thought humanly not possible, for some reason nipples and CDs seem to stick in my mind. This year promises, so get practicing.

AGM - Wednesday 31st

Please get involved, it's your class and we really value all your input. With some controversial discussions this year that could get fiery its one not to miss.

Fancy Dress - Thursday 1st

The theme: Beside the seaside. The possibilities: huge! Just don't leave it till the last minute and think that, on the walk to the bar, you will be able to throw some seaweed around your middle or find a couple shells to strap down the top half. The 'Space Rocks' will be there ready to provide the tunes so bring your moves and tie down that fancy dress!

Prize Giving Dinner - Friday 2nd

This is going to be one to remember, don't forget to bring your ‘Cravats and cocktail dresses’ in preparation Camping available! Tickets to be sold at registration.